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Spelling, layout and punctuation of this transcript conform to the original as far as possible.
Describes the route as it was in A.D.1624,  followed by an agreement on building a new bridge in A.D.1727.

Lambourne Churchway:

Transcription of minutes from a Vestry meeting held May 11th 1727.

At a vestry held on Thursday (Ascension day) May 11th 1727.
at the parish chuch of Lambourne in the county of Essex.
For going the Bounds Of The Parish and other affairs-
conducing to the good of the parish & ease & safety
of the inhabitants & others, it was considered that.

     Whereas there had been an agreement in writing
made some years since Between Edward Palmer of
Dews Hall in this parish Gent'n. and the parishoners of this
same parish, for a way to be had through his grounds-
from Abridge to our parish church, for the use of
the inhabitants of Abridge aforesaid; which agreement
was as follows.

Articles of agreement, between                  
Edward Palmer of Dews Hall, Gent'n.        
Lambourne                          and Richard Peacock Gent'n. Ralph Clarke
Sep'r 5° 1624.                       and the rest of the inhabitants of the            
vilage of Aybridge, concerning a horse       
way to the church.                                     

TO ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE  to whom this present writing shall
come, Greeting.  KNOW YE  that whereas heretofore the
inhabitants of the vilage called Aybridge in the parish of
Lambourne in the County of Essex have anciently had a
way to ride, cart & carry, to, & from the parish Church of
Lambourne aforesaid, and whereas now by discontinuance
of that way it is much overgrown & overworn by the
current of a brook which ran by it, which Dews Hall
aforesaid with the lands thereto belonging, are now in the
possesion, tenure, & occupation of the said Edward Palmer
Gent'n. or his asigns: KNOW YE FARTHER,  that in regard of the
ancient way aforesaid and in leue thereof, (which way the inha=
=bitants of Aybridge doe for ever hereafter relinqiish) The said
Edward Palmer Gent'n. doth covenant and agree, for himself,
his heirs, & successors, to & with Richard Peacock, Gentelman,
nicholas clay, Ralph Clarke, Wiliam nicolls, W`m Waylet,
for and in the behalf of themselves, & also in the behalf of
all the inhabitants of Aybridge, at this time there dwelling
or which may at any time hereafter there dwell & inhabit,
That they shall have & take a way to the church aforesaid,
to ride, cart & carry to & from the said church, to the
vilage of Aybridge aforesaid, in manner & form following,

    THAT THEY shall enter into that peice of ground called
Pencroft on the north side thereof, & soe go up from the
Kings Highway along by a coney borough w'ch is by the
hedge side next Bateman's & soe Through a chase lane
w'ch hath a hopp garden on one side & part of Maples Lands
on the otherside, and soe to enter into that peice of
ground which is called Goody Land & soe go up along
by the spring side to the upper end thereof & then
to enter into a peice of land being part of Maple's
Land & at the lower end thereof to goe over a brook
into a peice of land called Sope Place & soe to goe up
by the spring side, both of the lower & upper sope place
to a gate which now goeth into a peice of land belonging
to Lambourne Hall called Church feild, NOW IT IS =
Peacock Gent'n. Ralph Clarke &a. and their heirs and
successors in behalf of all the rest of the inhabitants
which are, or shall be of Aybridge aforesaid to & with
Edward Palmer Gent'n. his heirs & successors, that this
WAY shall be always taken & reputed ONLY FOR A CHURCH
WAY to ride, cart & carry, as aforesaid & for NO OTHER
PURPOSE OR END WHATSOEVER. alsoe it is farther
COVENANTED & AGREED, by the a`d Rich'd Peacock Gent'n.
nicholas clay &a. that they in the behalf of ye inhabitants
of Aybridge aforesaid shall make and sett up one sufficient
gata at ye entrance into Pencroft, and another at the
upper end of Goody land entring into Maples Land,
and another gate & bridge over the brooke entring
into the Lower Soape Place hard by the corner and to make
locks for all those gates, & to give a key of
them to the said Edward Palmer and alsoe to repair
and amend those gates & bridge at all times when
need shall require & to keep the rest of the keys
themselves: which way thus sett out within three months
aftr the date of these presents, is for ever hereafter
to be known, taken & used, for a way to ride, cart,& carry
from Aybridge aforesaid to the parish church of
Lambourne, & from the parish church of Lambourne,
back againe to Aybridge, to & from, according to the
true meaning of these presents, in witnes whereof
both partyes have sett their hands, the fifth day
of September, one thousand six hundred & twenty

                   Edward Palmer.
Richard Peacock.-
Ralph Clarke-
Wiliam Nicols-
Wiliam Waylett-

And whereas the aforemention'd bridge over the brooke
in the lands belonging to Dews Hall estate as aforesaid
to be kept up & maintain'd at the charge of this parish,
as by the agreement above does appeare, Hath been a
constant charge to the parish & frequently become
dangerous to pass over (as it is at present) by reason
of it's decay & neglect of timely & duly repairing of
the former, Wee the parishoners met at the vestry
as aforesaid, considering the premises of the advantage
to the parish in having the present charges of repairing
the s'd bridge, & the safety & security for ye future
in pasing over the said bridge, doe readily & unani=
mously agree & consent to the kind proposall of
Catlin Thorowgood, the present owner & possessor of
Dews Hall aforesaid& the lands thereunto belonging,
which hee out of regard to the parishoners hath freely and
voluntarily made, That he will make for the
present one good & strong brick arch in ye aformen=
tion'd brooke, & fill up the way over it, Soe as to be
even & levell at the topp wth the land on both
sides with earth, The parish being nevertheles always
obliged to keep up & maintaine, the gates & posts, &
to find locks & rails as needfull & to perform & keep
all other covenants in the said agreem't specifyed, and
Farther wee doe consent that the said Mr Thorowgood
shall have the joyces & planks of the said bridge
towards defraying the charge which hee will be at
in making the s'd brick arch & filling up & levelling
the ground as aforesaid, Witnes our hands, on the
said Eleventh day of May in the year of our Lord
Christ, One Thousand Seaven hundred & Twenty Seven

Catlin Thorowgood ;                     John Tooke Rect'
  (Churchwarden)                        Stew't Sparks  Cur
     Geo' Moore.

John Rollins - overseer
John Babbs
Simon Hobson
Geo' Sanders
James Burton
James X Radly
John Sharp
John Collingwood
Rich' Smith X
Wm: Gardner-
John Radly X
Wm Mathews his X marke

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