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The Eliot`s of Patch Park

From Lambourne to the antipodies and back again.
The following notes are by Oreen Campbell
descendant of the Eliots of Lambourne.

In Lambourne Churchyard patch park C.1860

In the 1800's the Eliot family farmed Patch Park.
Living at Patch Park over this period were John Eliot his wife Marianne and their children-
John Phillips, William King, Edward Eliot, Charles Henry and Henry.
Edward Eliot Eliot continued to farm Patch Park Until the early 1870's.

Charles died aged 20. Henry journeyed across the world to settle in Nelson New Zealand in 1850,
There he married Anne Amelia Bishop in 1851 they had two children Anne and Harry.
Henry Eliot died in a shooting accident in 1853.
Of his children Henry died in 1856 and Anne married Thomas William Blennerhassett circa 1873.

John Phillips Eliot Married Elizabeth Walton, they had the following children-
Elizabeth Walton,  John,  Ernest William,  Beatrice Mary and Reginald Pritchard.
This branch of the Eliots are buried at either Lambourne or Ramsgate with two exeptions,
Ernest, who died in infancy and Reginald.
Reginald like his Uncle Henry travelled across the world to make a new life in New Zealand.
There he married Alice O'Connell.
It is From this Marraige that the present family in New Zealand are descended.
Ramsgate gravestone Patch Park C.1860

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