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From ERO./Cuttle/cuttings.
Disputes over lopping of trees.

  Jan 1903 Lambourne Forest.

          James West 24, Elijah Greenaway 19 and John Hudgell 19, labourers
of Lambourne. Were summoned for stealing part of a tree, value 4 shillings
& sixpence, from Lambourne forest, the property of Col. Lockwood M.P.
the Lord of the Manor.

          Mr. Avery, solicitor prosecuted. Mr. Drysdale, Barrister defended.
Mr. Alfred savill, surveyer stated that the wood from the forest had never
belonged to the commoners but always to the lord of the manor.

          Elijah Greenaway senior said that he and his ancestors in Lambourne
for nearly a hundred years had always understood that they were entitled to
the loppings. Mr. Andrew Reid of Lambourne expressed the opinion that the
defendants were acting within their rights. Mr Avery said it was a matter of
notoriety that Col. Lockwood would always prosecute for lopping trees.

          The chairman of the board, after a brief consultion, said the bench
had given the matter carefull consideration and had no difficulty in coming
to a conclusion.

          The men would be fined 2 shillings and sixpence with 13 shillings and
sixpence costs and the damage 1 shilling and sixpence each.

  Lambourne 1902.

     Herbert Reeves and Arthur Reeves, young labourers were summoned
for stealing part of a live fence the property of Col. Lockwood. -
Police sgt Sanders said the defendants were pulling up the fence and giving
the branches to "trippers". Fined 5 shillings each.

  Lambourne 1896

James West and Charles Treader, labourers were fined for stealing underwood,
the property of Col Lockwood M.P. Both were fined.
West, ten shillings and Threader two shillings and sixpence.
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