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Ducks From ERO/Cuttle/newspaper cuttings.
Farm labourers wage in 1900 was 12 to 15 shillings per week.
The average fine here would be over 300 in todays money.

  Epping Jan 15 1899.

           Thomas Moody of the White Hart Inn, Abridge, was summoned
for tresspassing in search of game on land in the occupation of Peter
Mitchell. For the defence Mr, George said his client had been shooting
over the other land and he was crossing this field, which adjoined his
premises on his way home, when the keeper saw him.
Defendant was fined £ 1  including costs.

  Epping 1896

     James Sharp, dealer was summoned for being on land in search of
Renyard the Fox game at Stapleford Abbotts. - George Wilkinson ,Gamekeeper, having
proved the case. - Defendant was fined 10 shillings and 15 shillings costs.

  Lambourne 1897.

        George Lodge, a labourer, for using a snare for taking conies on
land in the occupation of Mr James Glass.
Was fined 5 shillings and 8 shillings and sixpence costs.

Brown Hare   Lambourne March 1901

         John Finch a groom of lambourne was summond under the
poaching prevention act. P.C. Usher said the defendant had a parcel
containing a freshly killed rabbit, defendant said ' I cannot help my dogs
from catching a rabbit' [laughter]- defendant denied the allegation.
Fined 1 shilling and 4 shillings costs.

Epping 2nd August 1903

   John Hedges- alias Harkless- Johnson, 24 and Emmanuel Scott, 21
labourers of Lambourne were summoned for tresspassing in search of game
on land belonging to Mr. J.H. Crossman.
The Justices advised Hedges to keep away from the hedges [laughter]-.
Defendant Hedges: 'all right sir I'll keep to the ditches next time.' [laughter]-
Hedges was fined £ 1 and costs 7 shillings.
Scott was fined 10 shillings and costs 7 shillings.

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