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Rope Dancers

From ERO.Q/S BB 328/1.
A traveling medicine show comes to the wild west of Essex
and just like any good western  'trouble'  soon follows.

  14th - 20th June 1787

Abridge            I do present Oliver Mountbank, Doctor, late of Abridge in
Lambourne parish. For creating a common nusiance in 'this' parish
by erecting a stage in the village of Abridge on the twentyth day of
June last near the Kings common highway and causing rope dancing
and tumbling to be exibited and performed thereon. To the great
annoyance and common nusiance of all the leige & subjects of our
Lord the Kings property. That was to the bad example of all others
in the like company and offending against the peace of our lord the King.

From ERO.Q/S BB 328/2.
Yet more trouble for the good 'Doctor'.

Abridge         We likewise present Oliver Mountbank on several informations of
John Corning constable of the parish of Epping. George White const of
the parish of Morton and Henry Humerston const of Lambourne.
For that he the said on the 18th June last in the parish of Epping,
on the 14th June last in the parish of Morton, & on the 20th June last
in the parish of Lambourne on the Kings Highway in the said parishes,
erected a stage and exibited tumbley and other entertainment and did
vend & sale certain drugs not being autherized by law. To the great
newsence of the inhabetants of the said provincel parishes.
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